Articulate Game for Kids

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  • Articulate Game for Kids
  • Articulate Game for Kids
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Articulate Game for Kids

How quickly can you describe a word without actually saying it? The fast talking description game for 4-20 kids!

Articulate is the spectacularly successful description game now in a fantastic kids version! Perfect for ages 6-12 years of age. 

Articulate for Kids is the same fast-moving, lively, gripping fun game as the adult version. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many card entries as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds without giving "gegins with" or "sounds like" clues. 

Compiled by an education specialist, there are 336 cards with over 2000 entries in the SAME six categories as the original articulate! Complete with its own board it can be played alone of along with Articulate Game for 12+ 

So now there's no escape from all those fast talking kdis!

Players: 4-20

Ages: 6+


Categories include:
  • Person
  • World
  • Object
  • Action
  • Nature
  • Random

First team to make it around the board and successfully answer a spade category (chosen from any of the above) wins the game.

Articulate is the perfect game to suit any time, any setting and any group, even those which include stroppy teenagers and Granny!

When it comes to fast, frenzied fun and exhilarating entertainment, Articulatesimply has no rivals! When the shy start yelling, the cocky turn puce, and everyone's gripped with the giggles - you know Articulate is working its magic.

  • 336 cards with over 2000 entries
  • Folding game board
  • Sand timer
  • 4 playing pieces 
  • Rules

Ages: + 


Articulate Game for Kids


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