Hands on, STEM Based Learning with Lego Mindstorm

Hands on, STEM Based Learning with Lego Mindstorm

The educational benefits of LEGO products are very well-documented. The children who play with LEGO sets develop advanced fine motor and spatial skills at an accelerated rate, and a disproportionate number of people who enter the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields were once LEGO fans as children. LEGO Mindstorms are among the latest and greatest LEGO sets that people can use today for the sake of helping kids develop mathematical and spatial skills early.

Kids can build all sorts of cool things with LEGOs now. LEGO sets haven't been a random collection of all-purpose bricks for decades by this point. Kids can build models of castles, spaceships, and land masses. However, with LEGO Mindstorms, kids can actually go one step further and build something that is truly exceptional: toy robots.

The step-by-step three-dimensional building instructions are the sorts of protocols that more or less function as lesson plans for spatial reasoning. Just trying to understand the directions is going to force a lot of kids to develop the sorts of spatial skills that can allow them to get lucrative careers in adulthood. Kids will learn all about how these different pieces fit together and how the different components of these tiny little machines work together in order to create a device that actually has a wide range of different functions.

Lots of other LEGO sets allow kids to build stationary models. These do teach spatial reasoning skills, but the objects that kids build are going to be closer to the creations that architects devise than the devices that engineers will construct. The LEGO Mindstorms are toy robots that are capable of talking, walking, and even reacting to various commands. These are going to be more similar to the sorts of highly technical devices that different software engineers will create today. They might even prepare children for the entirely new eras of technology that people may explore in the future.

The LEGO Mindstorms are animated using a programming interface that is fairly easy for children to figure out on their own, but that is also going to help them improve their skills with using technology. It's also possible to just download the related app and control the behaviour of the toy robots using a smartphone only. The app is free for download. Members of Generation Z, who were practically born using smartphones and apps, are going to feel like this part of the process is second nature to them. Teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and all other people with kids in their lives are encouraged to help develop their kids' spatial reasoning abilities, mathematical abilities, and technological abilities in any way that they can. The LEGO Mindstorms are perfect for all of that. Kids won't even realise that they're being educated.

Of course, it should be noted that it isn't just kids who should be able to enjoy the toy robots of the LEGO Mindstorms sets. There is no age limit on LEGO sets. People of all ages can and should improve their spatial skills, and people of all ages can and should have a good time with everything that the modern technological age has to offer. The LEGO Mindstorms are now available at the website. People everywhere can enjoy them, and people everywhere should be able to enjoy them.

28th May 2016

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