LEGO City Arctic Sets Revealed at Purple Turtle Toys Australia

Once again the toy wizards at LEGO have released a new set of themed LEGO toys that absolutely delight and amaze. I recently got my hands on all five of the new LEGO City Arctic sets and I loved them so much that I spent an entire day just putting together LEGOs with the whole family. LEGOs have a nearly timeless appeal, but there is something about the specific models in this arctic set that really stands out. Everyone from me to my littlest one adored at least one of the vehicles or buildings you can construct.

The LEGO City Arctic Sets Options

There are five total sets available in this line of LEGOs, ranging from a simple snowmobile to a massive base camp. I can swear that these sets have widespread appeal, but if anyone is thinking of buying any of them for someone who is unfamiliar with LEGO, the LEGO Arctic Snowmobile is a great introductory model. The set is remarkably inexpensive and only has 44 high quality pieces total, making it easy to construct. But, while it is simple, it is still impressive. Fully constructed, the snowmobile has three points of articulation, not counting the sled connected by a flexible chain or the fully articulated driver. This set even has a semi-transparent piece. This is incredible value for a simple set that is rated for ages as low as 5 years old.

My personal favorite among this set was the LEGO Arctic Helicrane. I've never seen such a well designed helicopter in any LEGO set previously. An enormous six pronged spinning helicopter blade dominates the top of the helicrane. Once I finished building it, I literally spent ten minutes just spinning that copter blade. But, even more than the helicopter blade, I fell in love with the helicrane's three sled style feet. Something about them just identified this model as uniquely being part of an arctic set. Honestly, there was really nothing to complain about with this 262 piece set. In addition to the distinctive helicopter with working crane, it also includes a pilot and a husky sled team for letting the pilot explore after landing. It is the kind of set that just fuels the imagination.

The other three sets in the LEGO City Arctic line are the LEGO Arctic Ice Crawler, the LEGO Arctic Outpost, and the impressive 735 piece LEGO Arctic Base Camp. The latter two offer real play opportunities with after they are constructed. They provide a place for the LEGO vehicles and people to fly, drive, and work. The base camp doesn't only include buildings, but also has a full set of vehicles to man the camp. While the vehicles are similar to those from the other sets, they are different enough that I didn't feel like I was being sold the same LEGOs twice. In fact, I loved that I had two different helicopters, one of which was a heavy work helicopter and the other which was more of a light scouting helicopter. My biggest surprise, though, was the outpost. I didn't look closely at the picture on the box and just assumed it was going to be stationary like the base camp. After I constructed it, I realized it was fully mobile. That added hours of play.

I honestly can't recommend this more enthusiastically if I tried. These five sets are quite unique and have just the right pieces to entertain people of almost any age. This is the kind of set, that once finished, deserves a full table in the living room to show off the splendor of what has been made. That is how I show it off in my living room.

20th Oct 2014

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