DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)

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  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
  • DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults (White)
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Diagonal One Tieless Shoe Laces are hard to beat! Unlike classical laces, these No Tie Shoelaces: 

  • Turn old lace-ups into trendy slip-ons 
  • Make your shoes comfortable to wear
  • Bear amazing tension and hardly pop out
  • Adjust tightness according to your footwear
  • Add personality to your shoes
  • Make great gifts for your loved ones

Love at First Wear

The no tie shoestrings make you stand out from the crowd! The elastic shoelaces turn your old lace-ups into the slip-ons of your dreams! The shoe laces save you a lot of time, money and hassle! With these elastic shoe strings, you won't have to tie your laces ever again!

Why Choose Diagonal One?

The quality of our shoe strings makes Diagonal One stand out from the crowd. Non-toxic and environmentally safe, our sneakers shoe laces

  • Have no pressure points
  • Feature a unique grip design
  • Provide a flexible fit
  • Allow many lacing techniques
  • Are a breeze to mount


Made from stretchy waterproof silicone, the tie less shoe laces come in five colours for you to choose from (pink, black, grey, white, and rainbow). The ergonomic design of these 16 lock laces (8 for each shoe), fits nearly all shoe sizes. 

Ages: 8+


  • Style meets function in these no ties shoe laces that turn annoying lace-ups into trendy slip-ons! Stretchy and comfortable, Diagonal One Slip on Shoe Laces fit any casual or sports outfit and make it unique and on trend. Just like you!
  • Thanks to their strong grip design, Diagonal One No Tie Shoelaces bear amazing tension and hardly pop up. Easy to mount and a pleasure to use, the no tie elastic shoe laces are a great choice for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers, gym goers, and athletes
  • Made from stretchy material, the running elastic laces provide a flexible fit for converse, snickers, and casual footwear. It makes the tieless shoelaces perfect for running, fitness, working out, walking, cycling, gym, and other activities
  • 10 silicone bands for each shoe. (20x Total)


If you buy the no tie shoe laces for kids (8+), use the first 6 sizes in the pack.




Color: White

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