GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set

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  • GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set
  • GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set
  • GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set
  • GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set
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GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set

Doctors, cyclists, astronauts and footballers: have fun with your favourite characters and make up new and funny combinations with the swiss-made GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set!

Why not try inventing your own characters? Young imaginations are sure to run wild with this clever mix-and-match adventure!

Each 4cm piece is magnetic on all 6 sides, which means any wacky combination of blocks is possible!

Ages: 1+


  • Contains 6 pieces
  • Cubes are 4cm
  • Cubes are magnetic and can stick to each other on all 6 sides
  • Cubes are printed with different characters and animals to mix and match on all 6 sides (2 cubes printed with heads, 2 with torsos, 2 with legs)
  • WARNING: Keep away from sensitive devices such as credit cards, computers, magnetic media and medical devices (pacemakers)


Geomagworld SA is a leading toy company based in Switzerland that has been producing and selling products for children and adults of all ages the world over since 2008. Their goal is to foster creativity and learning through the science of the magnetic construction. Over the last 10 years, Geomagworld has developed platforms and product lines, such as Geomag Classic, Kor, Magicube, Mechanics and Pro-L, that base play activities on the invisible and magical power of magnetism. In 2018, Mechanics Gravity was launched, a totally revolutionary platform that has, in addition to magnetism and imagination, another invisible force at the forefront: the force of gravity.

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Item: GEOMAG Magicube 6 Piece Mix & Match Set

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