Orbeez Colour Pack - 1000 Orbeez

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  • Orbeez Colour Pack
  • Orbeez Colour Pack - 1000 Orbeez
  • Orbeez Colour Pack - 1000 Orbeez
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Orbeez Colour Pack - 1000 Orbeez

This makes a great gift, and lots of fun as kids play with these ultra cool 'magical' growing toy. Orbeez have three big “wows”: the wow of growing them, the wow of feeling them, and the wow of playing and displaying them! The Orbeez refill Colour Pack has everything you need to get started with this squishy, wacky, silly fun, including 1,000 Orbeez in 9 colours. That’s three and half cups of grown Orbeez!

You can just play with Orbeez on their own! Simply add water and watch them grow. There’s lots you can do with this fun, magic toy. Plus, Mum and Dad will love their easy clean up. 


Orbeez Color Pack includes:

  • 1,000 Orbeez in 9 Colors

Ages: 5+

Code: 45012EU

About the Brand: 

What are Orbeez? They are bouncy, crazy, wacky fun! Crush ‘em, soak ‘em, bounce ‘em and more! With easy cleanup and lots of Orbeez products, the fun is endless. Simply pour, soak, and play and Orbeez will instantly make your day! Watch this aquatic toy grow in water right before your eyes for a fun and magical surprise that won’t stain your clothes. We are all about Orbeez and you’ll be too!



Orbeez Colour Pack - 1000 Orbeez


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