3D LiveLife Holographic Large Greeting Card - Great White Jaws

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3D LiveLife Holographic Large Greeting Card - Great White Jaws

The lucky child who receives this 3D LiveLife Holographic Large Greeting Card - Great White Jaws will absolutely love it - perhaps even more than the accompanying present! The 3D LiveLife Greeting Card Collection brings together amazing exclusive imagery by some of the world's leading 3D artists. The latest lenticular technology and manufacturing processes are used to create an array of breath taking products of the highest quality.

About the Artist

After ruling out his initial career choices as a palaeontologist, zoologist, baseball player and ice cream man, Jerry LoFaro employed his lifetime interest in dinosaurs, animals, fantasy, art history and literature into an award-winning career as an illustrator. He's created countless book covers, and many memorable illustrations for advertising campaigns. He is widely known for the over 60 packages done as tea and other products for Celestial Seasonings, including company icons Sleepytime Bear and Morning Thunder. Jerry's art can be found worldwide licensed on a wide variety of products featuring his extraordinary range of vision, from the very dramatic and realistic depictions of prehistoric beasts, to his often cute and humorous portrayals of animals. All his art is created with a keen attention to detail, composition and colour, and his delights in hiding imagery in the clouds and landscapes. Born on Long Island, NY in 1959, Jerry now operates his studio and resides in the beautiful backwoods of New Hampshire.

Ages: 3+


  • Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 0.2cm
  • Blank inside
  • Artwork: 'Great White Jaws' by Jerry LoFaro

Item code: 22651

Item: 3D LiveLife Holographic Large Greeting Card - Great White Jaws

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